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Myndwell Yoga

Myndwell harvests the best of east and western meditative traditions to provide healing yoga for individuals and groups

Through accessing the WELL model, Myndwell helps you deepen awareness of yourself and direct your energy

Myndwell provides experiential education for individuals or groups to develop self-awareness and enhance health. Through practicing our unique model, Myndwell will help you access deeper levels of health and intuition. Through broad experience including military settings, Myndwell partners understand first-hand the professional and personal challenges of working and living in constantly changing environments, and the potential effects on the military family. We also understand the deep and lasting change that results from practicing Myndwell.  

Myndwell training requires dedication, commitment, and patience. Big changes require investment to accomplish such change. The Myndwell approach is based on growing evidence showing brain changes from only eight weeks of dedicated practice. The Myndwell model is an accessible set of tools to optimize performance at work. Myndwell brings 25 years of experience in leadership, training, research, to support military and  corporate leaders through facilitating health--both in mind and body-- for our nation.

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"Tap Myndwell" Presentations

Tap Myndwell" provides for an overview of our innovative, dynamic, and interactive trainings. Topics include the evidence base for mindful techniques including the neuroscience of meditation, brief experiential opportunities, and practical, accessible take-aways to implement afterward for personally-optimized performance.

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"Build Myndwell" Workshops

"Build Myndwell" Workshops are designed for smaller groups of people to dive deeper into the experiential trainings to help them learn how to be more "grounded" in their lives. Through the trainings practiced both in the groups and through homework assignments, participants become skilled at self-awareness and self-regulation. Through the Myndwell model, they learn to modify their reactions to "triggers", and put their time and talents toward achieving the goals of the organization.

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Personal Optimization: Myndwell Partners with TruPoint Health

If you are struggling with a chronic pain condition, Myndwell private consultation can help! Through partnership with TruPoint Health, Myndwell offers therapeutic yoga in combination with "Functional Medicine", by using acupuncture, therapeutic yoga, and nutrition education to tackle long-standing health challenges and to overcome them. Audrey offers private, therapeutic yoga series for chronic low back pain, as well as insomnia, anxiety and depression.

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Myndwell Offerings

Myndwell is a non-traditional leadership development program that builds self-awareness through exercises, practice and group sharing. Based on Audrey’s extensive training and experience teaching integrative health techniques — including mind body skills and yoga — Myndwell offers leaders a unique and impactful opportunity for greater personal and professional health and optimizes performance within organizations.

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What we offer

  • Myndwell is your solution for dynamic, innovative and interactive presentations or workshops for your next annual meeting, off-sight or development training.
  • Offer your well-deserving leaders and employees a deeper, multi-week Myndwell experience where they will learn skills to help them achieve their optimal performance.
  • Reward your hardworking employees and leaders with an intensive where they will experience a very deep and meaningful Myndwell experience.