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Myndwell Offerings

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Tap Myndwell: Overview presentation

Dip into the Myndwell waters for a dynamic, innovative and interactive presentation that exposes participants to grounded leadership practice, and the science supporting it. Participants prefer most to have Myndwell’s experiential learning opportunities and practical, accessible take-aways so they can implement them in their work setting for clarity and effectiveness.

Educate yourself and your employees through a customized presentation on any combination of the topics below. Myndwell presentations are appropriate for groups of all sizes.

  • What is Myndwell? How can it help me at work?
  • The Myndwell Model
  • Leading Change Mindfully-The Science of Meditation
  • Myndwell at Work to Optimize Performance

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Build Your Myndwell (101) Workshop

Offer your well-deserving leaders and employees a deeper Myndwell experience through this unique and impactful workshop where they learn skills that are sure to help them achieve their optimal performance. This multi-session prograColored pencilsm–with opportunities for self-reflection–teaches several mind body skills to apply in daily life and within your business culture while being supported and coached by the Myndwell team. Participants in this workshop have access to professional audio recordings to practice the skills and techniques before meetings, or whenever they need to regroup and get their “mind well” again. The benefit of this training is self-evident through creating calm states and inner focus. Yet, a surprising benefit is how Myndwell also helps leaders reach their organizational goals.

  • The Myndwell Model-training for the mind and body
  • The nervous system and tools for balance
  • Creating optimal states through integrative practice
  • Breathing and Movement exercises to balance the mind-body connection

The Myndwell Workshop is appropriate for small to medium sized groups.

All participants who complete our program will have ongoing support, and access to our professional audio recordings.

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Deepen Your Myndwell (201) Workshop

Invite your star team members to dive “Deeper in your WELL” through advanced training. Myndwell 201 builds on the foundation of the Build Your Myndwell 101 Workshop, but in a smaller group setting. This approach deepens transformation through exercises to raise self-awareness and inner direction.  The trust and shared experience of the group participants forms the basis of the workshop, as well as discussion of how the application of Myndwell adds value to “grounded leadership” in the professional setting. Through a powerful combination of evidence-based practices and the deepening WELL exercises, participants can optimize focus, effectiveness, and productivity at work.

Myndwell Personal: Health Optimization through TruPoint Partnership

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 Enjoy personal attention through Myndwell’s partnership with TruPoint Health to recover from chronic pain, stress, or simply to renew and refresh yourself to be at your best in work and life. Recover from pain, restore relationships, enhance energy, and improve your sleep through integrative health practices that offer benefits to your whole life.

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